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Hollywood Reporter - June 22nd, 2006
'Reaching both audiences may take some doing on the publicity side, but the potential exists for solid boxoffice in comparison to other current-events docs. Throughout the film manages to educate without being dry and to illustrate controversies without prejudice. For a subject that plays such a large part in America's foreign policy and is so little understood, "Shadow Company" is an excellent and engaging primer.'
Review by John DeFore
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PopMatters - March 15th, 2006
'The charred and mutilated bodies of Blackwater private security contractors shown hanging from a bridge in Fallujah turned the spotlight on a group whose presence in Iraq had been previously unknown to a great many: mercenaries. Shadow Company, directed by Nick Bicanic and Jason Bourque, is a look into this, group of ex-soldiers and hired guns, who purposefully put themselves in harm's way. Not for the honorable clichÈs of God or country. But for lots and lots of good, old-fashioned cash.'
Review by Tobias Peterson
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Film Threat - March 13th, 2006 - 5/5 stars
'There are an estimated 20,000 private soldiers on the ground in Iraq, more than the total number of combined non-US coalition ground forces, and one for roughly every ten American soldiers. ìShadow Companyî directors Nick Bicanic and Jason Bourque attempt to find out where these guys come from, what exactly they do, and why they do it.'
Review by Pete Vonder Haar
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Austin American Statesman - March 9th, 2006 - 4/4 stars - Link to full text or [download pdf]